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You are in a large pool with a wave generator (pool is large enough such that the pool edges need not be considered) taking selfies with your cell phone of approaching waves. You just purchased your cell phone and did not buy the protection plan. Thus, getting your cell phone wet is not on your list of things to do today.

The waves propagate outward from the generator, decreasing in amplitude as the distance increases. At a distance of $125\text{ m}$ from the wave generator, the waves have an amplitude of $0.5\text{ m}$. You want a more impressive selfie, so you slowly walk toward the wave generator. You wish to get as close as possible without your phone getting wet, while keeping your phone at eye level, $A=1.75\text{ m}$.

What is the closest distance to the wave generator you can get and keep your cell phone dry? For simplicity, you may ignore the depth of the water.


$437.5$ $m$


$35.7$ $m$


$1531$ $m$


$10.2$ $m$

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