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The diagram shows a very long cylinder of radius $R$ that carries a charge density that is not uniform. The charge density varies according to radial distance $R$ from the axis of the cylinder according to the equation $\rho = C\,\sqrt{r}$. The diagram also shows the cross-section of a Gaussian cylinder of radius $a$ and length $L$ that is coaxial with the charged cylinder.

Which of the following expresses the charge enclosed in the Gaussian cylinder?


$4\,\pi \,C\,L\,{a}^{\frac{5}{2}}$


$2\,\pi \,C\,L\,{a}^{\frac{3}{2}}$


$\dfrac{4}{5}\,\pi \,C\,L\,{a}^{\frac{5}{2}}$


$\dfrac{2}{7}\,\pi \,C\,L\,{a}^{\frac{7}{2}}$


$\pi \,C\,L\,{a}^{\frac{5}{2}}$

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