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A region of space contains a spherically-symmetric charge distribution. Let $r$ represent the distance from the center of the spherical distribution.

Which of the following statements regarding graphs of Electric Field vs. Position ($E$ vs. $r$) and Electric Potential vs. Position ($V$ vs. $r$) is true is true for $r > 0$?


$E$ vs. $r$ graphs can be negative, but $V$ vs. $r$ can never be negative.


$E$ vs. $r$ graphs can never be negative, but $V$ vs. $r$ can be negative.


$E$ vs. $r$ graphs can be discontinuous, but $V$ vs. $r$ must always be continuous.


$E$ vs. $r$ graphs must be continuous, but $V$ vs. $r$ can be discontinuous.


None of the above is necessarily true.

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