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A circular turntable of mass $M$ and radius $3R$ has a semi-adhesive ring of mass $\frac{M}{2}$ with negligible thickness. On top, as shown below, three small balls of mass $m$, $2m$, and $3m$ sit in place at a distance of $R$ from the center of the turntable.

Nick Borowicz. Created for Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

The system is accelerated from rest by a motor until it reaches a speed of $\omega_1$. As soon as it reaches this speed, the balls slip and the motor turns off.

The balls drift outward and are stopped by a thin wall of negligible mass at the edge of the turntable, at a distance of $3R$ from the center. The system reaches a new angular speed $\omega_2$ after the balls drift outward.

What is the ratio of the initial and final angular speeds $\cfrac{\omega_2}{\omega_1}$ of the system? Note: The balls are small enough to be treated as particles.​











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