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Tomihiro Ono. Created for Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

An Atwood machine (two objects connected via an ideal, massless cord which passes over a massless pulley) is set up with a $340 \text{ g}$ object $M$ on one side and a $230\text{ g}$ object $m$ on the other.

Both objects start from rest at $t=0\text{ s}$, at which point the objects are released. Object $M$ falls through a distance of $h = 0.50\text{ m}$ while object $m$ is pulled up by the same amount.

Determine the average power output of object $M$ on object $m$.


$0.300 \text{ W}$


$0.525 \text{ W}$


$1.31 \text{ W}$


$1.55 \text{ W}$


$1.85 \text{ W}$

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