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A person holds a lollipop of mass $750 \text{ g}$ and radius $4 \text{ cm}$ by the bottom of the stick. The person tilts the lollipop $30^{\circ}$ from vertical, as shown above. The distance from the edge of the person's hand to the center of the lollipop is $50\text{ cm}$ and the mass of the stick is negligible.

What is the torque due to gravity on the lollipop, while it is tilted away from vertical?


$1.84\text{ N}\cdot\text{m}$


$1.98\text{ N}\cdot\text{m}$


$3.18\text{ N}\cdot\text{m}$


$3.68\text{ N}\cdot\text{m}$


$147\text{ N}\cdot\text{m}$

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