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A $50\text{ }kg$ hero is traveling at $5.0\text{ }m/s$ on his $5.0\text{ }kg$ skateboard. A $2.0\text{ } kg$ kitten falls straight downward from the sky with a speed of $10\text{ }m/s.$ The skateboarder catches the kitten and travels a bit further. He sees a soft basket ahead and decides to release the kitten with no force so that it lands in​ the basket. The heroic skateboarder never misses a beat and continues on his way.

What is the skateboarder's speed after he drops the kitten into the basket?


$v=4.6\text{ }m/s$


$v=4.8\text{ }m/s$


$v=5.0\text{ }m/s$


$v=5.2\text{ }m/s$


$v=5.4\text{ }m/s$

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