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A box weighing $98.0 \text{ N}$ sits atop the flatbed of a truck stopped at a red light, as shown above. The box is currently $3.00 \text{ m}$ from the front end of the truck's bed.

When the light turns green, the truck begins to accelerate at a constant rate of $1.3 \text{ m/s}^2$ for a time of $12.1 \text{ s}$, without causing the box to slip. The driver then slams on the brakes, and the box slips as the truck comes to a stop in a distance of $95.0 \text{ m}$ at a constant rate of deceleration.

If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the bed of the truck is $\mu_k= 0.13$, what distance along the bed of the truck will the box slide?


$1.1\text{ m}$


$1.6\text{ m}$


$2.0\text{ m}$


$2.8\text{ m}$


The box will slam into the front of the truck bed.

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