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A large panda swings on a swing, creating a simple panda-lum. During one of the oscillations, a baby Koala bear crawls under the swing, and at the lowest point in his swing, the panda picks it up. (How cute is this?)

Does the period of oscillation increase, decrease or stay the same, and why?

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The period decreases because some of the kinetic energy of the panda is transformed in the "collision" with the Koala, so the swing doesn't swing as high.


The period decreases because the Koala had 0 momentum initially, but then gained momentum when the panda picked him up, which reduced the total momentum of the swing.


The period stays the same because the mass of a simple pendulum does not affect the period.


The period stays the same because of conservation of momentum.


The period increases because the Panda+Koala has more mass and therefore greater momentum.

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