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A block with mass $m$ is attached to an ideal spring as shown in the figure above. The block is pulled to the right and then released, causing it to slide back and forth across the floor. There is a small amount friction between the block and the floor ($\mu mg << kx$).

Which of the following statements is MOST correct?


The kinetic energy of the block at the extremes (when the spring is fully compressed or fully stretched) will change for each cycle.​


The amount of work initially done to pull the block to the right is less than the amount of mechanical energy in the system after the block has made one complete back and forth oscillation.


The maximum speed the block will achieve will occur immediately after it is released from the initial rightward​ pull.


The maximum speed the block will achieve will occur when the block reaches the equilibrium position for the first time after having been released.


As the block oscillates, the frictional force will continually increase until the block finally stops.​

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