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A flower sculpture consists of a $100\text{ kg}$ blossom attached to a very light stem. It leans at an angle of $53^{\circ}$ above the horizontal. The center of the blossom is $4.0\text{ m}$ above the floor.

A strong, yet very light cable prevents the sculpture from falling. One end of the cable is attached to the wall at a height of $2.5m$ above the floor; the other end of the cable is attached to the stem at the same height above the floor.

What is the tension in the cable?


$T=590\text{ N}$


$T=1.2\text{ kN}$


$T=1.4\text{ kN}$


$T=1.6\text{ kN}$


$T=2.1\text{ kN}$

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