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Rita is worried about her grandpa, who is experiencing physical decline as part of aging. Her grandpa is starting to spend all of his time watching television, rather than going out in the world or pursuing old hobbies that he used to love.

Of the following advice, which would a developmental psychologist be MOST likely to give?


"His actions are counterproductive — if Rita's grandpa wants to hold on to his physical and mental capabilities, then he needs to be actively using them."


"This is fine — withdrawing from the world is a normal and healthy part of aging."


"While it is unfortunate, the major struggle of old age is of intimacy versus isolation, and it seems like Rita's grandpa is choosing isolation."


"This is good — at a certain point, it becomes necessary for older people to move less in order to protect their health."


"Rita's grandpa has entered the post-conventional phase of physical development, meaning there's nothing that can be done."​

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