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Sarah is very quiet and obedient at home. If she doesn't follow directions, her parents are very quick to punish her. Her parents and family believe that she is a wonderfully kind and obedient little girl.

Sarah is starting kindergarten, and on the first day she is playing with a toy and a boy tries to take it from her as the boy goes to grab the toy she pushes him and he falls and cries. The next day she wants another toy that a girl is playing with, and she goes over to the girl and grabs it and pushes her. After that, the other children give Sarah any toy she wants because they are all afraid of her, but at home Sarah remains just as unassuming as she has always been.

Sarah's change in behavior from home to school is best described by what concept?


Internal locus of Control


Self-serving bias




High self-esteem


Reciprocal determinism

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