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Rillie is trying to train her pet rabbit HunnyBunny to do tricks using operant and classical conditioning. Based on your knowledge of how biology affects learning, what would you tell her as she embarks on this journey?


All animals are complete blank slates at the beginning of the learning process, with no inborn preferences, so she can teach HunnyBunny to do anything with the same amount of effort.


Any conditioned stimulus (CS) can be paired with any unconditioned stimulus (US) for any animal, so Rillie can do really unexpected things like teaching HunnyBunny to associate a bright light with nausea.


HunnyBunny will find it much easier to learn associations and perform activities that fit with rabbit behavior and are adaptive, and there may be some behaviors or associations she can never learn.


Only humans and apes can be operantly conditioned, so she should stick to classical conditioning.


Once HunnyBunny learns to do something against her instincts for a reward, she will never again give into her natural inclinations so long as a reward is present.

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