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Dr. James and Dr. Wundt are walking along a cobblestone street in 1905. They come across an overly-expensive sports car. Both recognize it as an automobile, but both are overwhelmed by its power and complexity. Both men of science w​ish to study it, but they cannot agree upon the best way.

Choose the answer that best reflects how you think the two fathers of psychology would study the sports car.


James would experiment with it, while Wundt would analyze it.


James would want to drive it to see what it could do, while Wundt would want to question whether he really sees it.


Wundt would want to drive it, while James would look for where it came from, or its source.


Wundt would want to take it apart, and James would want to drive it.


Wundt would want to analyze the color of the paint, while James would want to analyze the chemistry of each element.

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