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Jane and John have collected data on the life cycle of palmetto bugs.

After studying $5{,}000\text{ bugs}$, which we may assume constitutes a population, Jane and John submit their lab report. In it, they state that the mean palmetto bug length is $1.8\text{ inches}$ with a standard deviation of $0.5\text{ inches}$.

At the last minute, they discover that they were supposed to report all their data in centimeters rather than inches. Jane realizes that she left the flash drive containing the Excel spreadsheet of all their raw data at home.

John says not to worry; he knows how to change the summary data without recomputing the mean and standard deviation all $5{,}000\text{ pieces of raw data}$. He performs appropriate statistical operations, makes the necessary changes, and quickly changes the mean and standard deviation.

What are the final values for these two measures, assuming that there are $2.54\text{ centimeters}$ in $1\text{ inch}$?


$\mu = 4.57; \sigma = 1.27$


$\mu = 4.57; \sigma = 0.5$


$\mu = 4.34; \sigma = 3.04$


$\mu = 4.34; \sigma = 0.5$


The values cannot be evaluated without converting the original raw data to centimeters.

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