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Fifth grader Scott is studying the heights of American women for a science fair project.

Scott’s teacher told him that the heights of American females are normally distributed with the population standard deviation of $2.4\text{ inches}$, but he cannot remember the value for the mean.

Scott’s older brother suggests that he estimate the unknown mean by calculating a confidence interval using data that Scott has collected for the heights of four women, as follows:

$63 \text{ inches}$
$69\text{ inches}$
$62\text{ inches}$
$66\text{ inches}$

Based on this, Scott’s $99\%$ confidence interval would be:


$65 \pm 1.55$.


$65 \pm 2.35$.


$65 \pm 2.79$.


$65 \pm 3.1$.


$65 \pm 4.07$.

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