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A biologist hopes to estimate the proportion of alligators in Florida that are adults.

When sampling alligators, the biologist computes the one-proportion $Z$-interval going from $0.67$ to $0.74$ at $99\%$ confidence.

What conclusion can be drawn about the proportion of all adult alligators in Florida, based off of the interval?


The true proportion of adult alligators in Florida is probably somewhere between $0.67$ and $0.74$; the process used gives correct results $99\%$ of the time in repeated trials.


$99\%$ of samples such as this one will catch the interval between $0.67$ and $0.74$ (as long as the samples are conducted in Florida).


$99\%$ of samples such as this, conducted in Florida, will have a sample proportion between $0.67$ and $0.74$, as long as many samples are conducted.


$70.5\%$ of alligators in Florida are adults.


There is a $99\%$ probability that between $67\%$ and $74\%$ of alligators in Florida are adults.

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