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The offices of a large corporation occupy all floors of a $10\text{-story}$ building. The corporation is planning to renovate the building and would like to incorporate features that will boost the morale of its employees. They will survey a group of $40\text{ employees}$ to help them decide which features to include.

The study would be well-designed with all of the following EXCEPT


Random selection of the $40\text{ participants}$ from a list of everyone who works in the building.


Sorting all of the employees into three groups (upper management, middle management and office worker) and randomly choosing one of those groups. All of the people in that group will be surveyed.


Random selection of $4\text{ floors}$ in the building followed by random selection of $10\text{ employees}$ from each of those floors.


Employees answering an anonymous written survey.


Following up with employees who were randomly chosen to participate, but who were absent on the day of the survey.

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