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A TV broadcaster is deciding on news stories for the 10 PM evening news.

The network tries to make sure stories cover an even mixture of four news topics: school, crime/police activity, community, and national.

Suppose over the last year the network covered $980\text{ stories}$, and $204$ of these stories involved national news.

Is this evidence that the network is covering fewer national news stories than it should?


No, the sample is too small to make any conclusions.


Yes, since $204$ is less than $np = 980 \cdot 0.25 = 245$.


Yes, since the result of $204$ out of $980$ is more than three standard deviations away from the mean.


No, since $\dfrac{204}{980} = 20.8\%$, which is within $5\%$ of the targeted goal.


Unable to tell as conditions are not met.

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