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Farmer MacDonald sells his melons at a roadside stand. He hates carrying along his scale for weighing the melons though and wonders if there is a way to predict the weight ($\hat {y}$) of a melon by measuring its circumference ($x$).

Luckily, his son Junior is taking AP Statistics and knows just what to do! After weighing (in pounds) and measuring the circumference (in inches) of a random sample of melons, Junior uses a statistical software package to develop the equation of the LSRL. Computer output is shown below.

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Which of the following gives the equation of the LSRL?


$\hat { y } =0.623+1.02x$


$\hat { y } =1.02+0.623x$


$\hat { y } =0.03+0.01x$


$\hat { y } =1.63+2.18x$


$\hat { y } =2.18+1.63x$

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