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NBA scouts are always interested in the relationship between the height of NBA players and their wingspans. An NBA scout randomly selects $20$ players and measures their heights and respective wingspans. Below is the computer regression analysis of wingspan and height:

Dependent variable is: Wingspan

$R^2 = 0.787$

Variable Coefficient SE(Coeff) t-ratio P-value
Constant -2.273 0.39 -5.83 <0.0001
Height 1.084 0.24 4.51 <0.0001

Assuming all of the conditions have been satisfied, which of the following gives a $95\%$ confidence interval for the slope of the regression line?


$-2.273\pm (2.086\cdot 0.39)$


$-2.273\pm (2.101\cdot 0.39)$


$1.084\pm (1.96\cdot 0.24)$


$1.084\pm (2.086\cdot 0.24)$


$1.084\pm (2.101\cdot 0.24)$

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