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Sneaky Sam tosses a coin $10$ times and the coin lands on “heads” on $7$ of those tosses.

Suspicious Sally thinks that Sam is using a weighted coin.

What can Legal Lindsay conclude based on the Law of Large Numbers?


The coin will almost certainly land on “tails” on the next toss.


The next $7$ tosses of the coin should result in “tails”.


There is a $70\%$ chance that this coin will land on “heads” on any given toss.


We have good evidence to suggest that this coin is weighted in some way. In other words, it is not a fair coin. Sam really is sneaky!


This may simply be coincidence. If the coin is fair, we would expect about $50\%$ of the tosses to result in “heads”, but only if the coin is tossed many, many times. $10$ tosses is not that many!

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