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​An NBA basketball player is interested if there is an association between the amount of time a player practices his three-point shooting(in hours) and the percentage of three pointers made. Since the NBA player took AP Statistics in high school, he knew of a perfect way to design his study and share it with his NBA friends.

He randomly selected $20$ NBA players and asked them how much time they spent practicing shooting behind the arc (shooting $3$ pointers). He then looked up their three-point percentage. A computer output from fitting a least squares regression line to the data is shown below.

Dependent variable is: % of 3-Pointers Made

$R^2 = 91.24\%$

Variable: Coefficient s.e Coeff t-ratio prob
Constant: 30.1 20.001 1.505 .075
Practice Time 0.002 0.000849 2.356 0.03

Which of the following is the standard error of the slope?


$\cfrac { 0.000849 }{ \sqrt { 20 } } $




$\cfrac { 20.001 }{ \sqrt { 20 } } $





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