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Ander and Benat both own their own business. They decided to compile the salary of each of their employees, and make a boxplot to compare salaries of employees at their respective companies. The units are in thousands of dollars.

2015_estat1_1_kaxak. Digital image. N.p., 3 Nov. 2015. Web. 19 June 2016.

Which conclusion can be drawn from these boxplots?


Ander has more employees at his company than Benat.


Ander's company has a larger range and median of starting salaries than Benat's company.


The interquartile range for Ander's company is larger than the interquartile range for Benat's company.


Ander's company has a median starting salary less than that of Benat's company, and the distribution of the data for Ander's company is skewed to the left.


Employees at Benat's company earn more money than those at Ander's company as evidenced by all parts of the 5 number summary.

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