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A high school tennis coach wonders if she can improve her team's performance by replacing the nylon strings on the tennis rackets with polyester strings. The $26\text{ tennis players}$ will be randomly assigned to two groups - one group's rackets will get nylon strings and the other group's rackets will get polyester strings.

Each player will serve a tennis ball $35\text{ times}$. For each player, the coach will record the proportion of serves that land in the service box and the average speed of the serves.

Which of the following statements is FALSE?


The treatments are the $35\text{ serves}$ each player attempts.


The experimental units are the $26\text{ tennis players}$.


There is replication in this study design because there are $13\text{ tennis}$ players using each type of racket.


The group of players using the nylon strings is the control group.


Because the players were randomly assigned to the two groups, it is unlikely that one group will include all of the best players on the team.

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