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Suppose researchers want to know if a positive linear relationship exists between pre- and post-test scores on the test.

Twenty-five students are given the test as a pre-test. Then these $25$ subjects are put into an extensive review course. After the review course, the subjects took the test once more.

A linear regression T-test is performed on

$$Ho: B = 0 \\\ Ha: B>0$$

Define B as the true slope of the linear regression line when plotting pre-test vs. post-test scores.

If $p<0.01$, one could conclude


The review course was effective.


The review course was ineffective.


We failed to find sufficient evidence the review course helped.


Students who do well on the pre-test tend to do better on the post-test.


Students who do well on the pre-test also tend to do well on the post-test.

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