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State U, funded by state taxpayers, is supposed to favor In-State students in admissions to its graduate schools. The admission rates for each graduate school for In-State and Out of State is shown.

Voters complained to the University President that In-State students have an overall admissions rate of $25\%$ and Out of State have an overall admissions rate of $32\%$. The University president claims that In-State applicants are indeed favored in admissions.

What could explain this situation?

Performing Arts Business School Law School Medical School Total
In-State Admissions % 43% 54% 37% 9% 25%
Amount of In-State Applicants 174 179 202 648 1200
Out of State Admissions % 36% 52% 31% 8% 32%
Amount of Out of State Applicants 152 178 198 158 688

Most of the applicants to the Performing Arts school are In-State.


Most of the applicants to the Business School are In-State.


The University has more In-State applicants than Out of State applicants.


The University has more Out of State applicants than In-State applicants.


Most of the applicants to the Medical School are In-State.

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