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In Cascade Utopia, the heights of waterfalls are normally distributed with a mean of $345$ feet and standard deviation of $63$ feet. Cassie plans to visit four waterfalls​ in order from the shortest waterfall to the tallest. Listed below are the four waterfalls and some information about their heights. In what order will Cassie visit the waterfalls?

Halo Falls: $z = 1.7$
Iguana Falls: $z = -0.38$
Rainaga Falls: at the $70th$ percentile
Veronica Falls: at the $37th$ percentile


Iguana Falls, Halo Falls, Veronica Falls, Rainaga Falls


Iguana Falls, Veronica Falls, Rainaga Falls, Halo Falls


Halo Falls, Rainaga Falls, Veronica Falls, Iguana Falls


Veronica Falls, Rainaga Falls, Iguana Falls, Halo Falls


Rainaga Falls, Veronica Falls, Halo Falls, Iguana Falls

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