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Marlene works two jobs to help make ends meet.

As a waitress, her weekly earnings (including tips) are approximately normally distributed with a mean of $\$590$ and a standard deviation of $\$45$.

As a dog walker, her weekly earnings depend upon how many dog walks she provides that week. The number of dog walks she provides each week is a random variable (D) whose probability distribution is shown below.

D 5 6 7 8 9 10
p(D) 0.18 0.22 0.25 0.16 0.14 0.05

If Marlene charges $\$20$ per dog walk, on average, how much can she expect to make each week from both of her two jobs combined?










Since Marlene's earnings as a dog walker are not approximately normally distributed, we cannot find the mean sum of her earnings from both jobs combined.

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