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Traditionally, scholars considered the [human] women of Beowulf as fairly passive characters.

Which of the following lines suggests the opposite?


Enjoy this drink, my most generous lord;
raise up your goblet, entertain the Geats
duly and gently
but recollect well
all of the boons that have been bestowed on you (1169-111173).


Wealhtheow came in,
observing the courtesies.
Adorned in her gold, she graciously saluted
the men in the hall (612-615).


With measured words [Wealhtheow] welcomed the Geat
and thanked God for granting her wish
that a deliverer she could believe in would arrive
to ease their afflictions (625-628).


Wealhtheow tells Beowulf,

And so, my prince,
I wish you a lifetime's luck and blessings
to enjoy this treasure (1224-1226).


Wealhtheow tells Beowulf,

You have won renown; you are known to all men
far and near, now and forever (1221-1222).

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