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The poet refers to Grendel as the "hall-watcher" and says that men who do not wish to be eaten "shift [themselves] to a safer distance to bed in bothies" which suggests that anyone outside of Heorot is safe (139-141).

Of the following choices, which of the following statements might be true?


Hrothgar is being punished for creating a mead hall "meant to be a wonder of the word forever" (69-70).


Since "fortunes of war favored Hrothgar," is is now time for his luck to turn (64).


If Hrothgar's men simply gave up the "rings and torques" Hrothgar awarded them, they would be safe (80-81).


Hrothgar's thegns are "insensible to pain and human sorrow" when the sleep in Heorot (119-120). For this they must be punished.


Hrothgar is "helpless" to defend them (130).

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