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Which of the following lines from this section illustrate a religious syncretism, or blending, of the Pagan and Christian faiths?


"First and foremost, let the Almighty Father
be thanked for this sight. I suffered a long
harrowing by rendel. But the Heavenly Shepherd
can work His wonders always and everywhere" (927-930).


"But now a man,
with the Lord's assistance, has accomplished something
none of us could manage before now
for all our efforts. Whoever she was
who brought forth this flower of manhood,
if she is alive, that woman can say
that in her labour the Lord of Ages
bestowed a grace on her" (938-945).


"May the God of Ages
continue to keep and requite you" (954-955).


"But I couldn't stop him from slipping my hold.
The Lord allowed it, my lock on him
wasn't strong enough, he struggled fiercely
and broke and ran. Yet he bought his freedom
at a high price.." (966-970).


"But death is not easily
escaped from by anyone:
all of us with souls,earth-dwellers
and children of men, must make our way
to a destination already ordained
where the body, after the banqueting,
sleeps on its deathbed" (1001-1007).

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