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The troll-dam's mere is

with all kinds of reptiles. There were writhing sea-dragons
and monsters slouching on slopes by the cliff... (1425-1427).

However, the reader need not worry because


Beowulf has

"battled and bound five beasts [and] raided a troll-nest" (420-421).


During the sea race with Brecca, Beowulf

"was the strongest swimmer of all" (534).


Beowulf earlier says:

"My flesh was not for feasting on,
there would be no monsters gnawing and gloating
over their banquet at the bottom of the sea" (562-564).


After the sea race,

"the ocean lifted
[Beowulf] and laid [him] ashore... on the coast of Finland"


When Beowulf first arrives, Hrothgar

"counted on Beowulf,
on the warrior's steadfastness and his word" (609-610).

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