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Which of the following lines best demonstrates the Anglo-Saxon value of troth?


"The battle-famed king, bulwark of his earls, ordered a gold-chased heirloom of Hrethel's
to be brought in" (2190-2192).


"So may a man not marked by fate
easily escape exile and woe
by the grace of God" (2291-2293).


"When [Wiglaf] saw his lord
tormented by the heat of his scalding helmet,
he remembered the bountiful gifts bestowed on him" (2604-2606).


"And now the youth
was to enter the line of battle with his lord
his first time to be tested as a fighter" (2625-2627).


"Go on, dear Beowulf, do everything
you said you would when you were still young
and vied you would never let your name and fame
be dimmed while you lived" (2663-2666).

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