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Which of the following lines suggests that Beowulf picked up on Wealhtheow's subtle maneuvering during the last feast?


"And so the good and grey-haired Dane,
that high-born king, kissed Beowulf" (1870-1871)


"he said he found it a friend in battle
and a powerful help" (1810-1811).


"If ever I hear from accross the ocean
that people on your borders are threatening batle...
I shall land with a thousand thanes at my back"
(1826-1827, 1829).


"If Hrethric should think about traveling
as a king's son to the court of the Geats,
he will find many friends" (1836-1838)


"I firmly believe the seafaring Geats won't find a man worthier of acclaim as their king and defender than you" (1849-1852).

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