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You are preparing to perform an enzymatic screening assay and calculate that you would need 0.5 mg of the protein under investigation. While sourcing required materials, you find that the supplier only carries this protein in 5 mg vials (as a lyophilized powder).

Which of the following consideration(s) would you keep in mind when preparing and performing this assay?


Considering that it is unrealistic to accurately weigh out 0.5 mg, the entire contents of the 5 mg vial need to be reconstituted in an appropriate solvent or buffer.


Unless otherwise indicated by the supplier, vigorous mixing and heating should be avoided as to maintain the protein's delicate structures.


The supplier may provide a general recipe for preparing the protein, but as per the assay, some of these parameters may need to be altered.


The lyophilized powder would need to be reconstituted in minimal solvent, aliquoted, and remaining portions stored under the supplier's recommended storing conditions.