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A hypothetical pathway is shown with the letters representing the intermediates and the numbers indicating the enzymes that catalyze the reaction:

$$A\xrightarrow [ 1 ]{ } B\xrightarrow [ 2 ]{ } C\xrightarrow [ 3 ]{ } D\xrightarrow [ 4 ]{ } E$$

If the gene encoding enzyme 3 was mutated and enzyme 3 lost 98% of its activity, what choice below BEST describes what happens to the level of intermediates compared to having an enzyme 3 with complete activity?


The level of C would decrease.


The level of C would decrease and the level of D would increase.


The level of D would decrease and the level of C would increase.


The level of D and E would increase and level of A and B would decrease.


There would be no change in the levels of any intermediates.

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