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One of the treatments for acute lymphoblastic lymphoma is the enzyme arginase. The cells that cause this type of cancer lose the ability to synthesize the amino acid asparagine and thus must get it from the body. The basis for this treatment is to add the enzyme which degrades the asparagine and thus, starves the cancer cells for this needed amino acid.

This enzyme is typically isolated from various types of bacteria and given to the leukemia patient. The enzyme was isolated from bacteria A (blue line), bacteria B (red line) and bacteria C (black line) and the velocities were measured over a range of substrate concentrations and the results were used to make Lineweaver-Burk plot which is shown.

Which bacteria has the most effective version of asparaginase to be used for treatment?

The y-axis is 1/velocity and the x-axis is 1/[substrate]. Kelly Keenan, Created for copyright 2016. All rights reserved.


Bacteria A.


Bacteria B.


Bacteria C.


There is not enough information to determine this.

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