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To understand biochemistry, you need to first know your basic functional groups and recognize that several different functional groups can be found in a single biomolecule.

Coenzyme A is a common coenzyme used in carbohydrate metabolism and fatty acid biosynthesis and oxidation. Within this single biomolecule several different functional groups can be identified.

Shown below is the large biomolecule coenzyme A with several functional groups circled and labeled A - H. Choose the appropriate name for each functional group (A - H) from the respective drop down menu.

NEUROtiker. "File:Coenzym A.svg." Coenzyme A. Wikimedia Commons, 12 Jan. 2007. Web. 20 Mar. 2016. Modified by M. Rumpho-Kennedy.

A =
Select Option DisulfideThioesterSulfideSulfhydryl
$\ $
B =
Select Option CarbonylKetoneAldehydeCarboxyl
$\ $
C =
Select Option ImineAmineAmideKetone
$\ $
D =
Select Option MethylEthylCarbonylAcetyl
$\ $
E =
Select Option PhosphorylPhosphoric AcidPyridoxal phosphatePhosphoanhydride
$\ $
F =
Select Option PhosphorylPyrophosphatePyridoxal phosphatePhosphoanhydride
$\ $
G =
Select Option EtherHydroxylEnolEster
$\ $
H =
Select Option AmideImineGuanidiniumAmine
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