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Lysozyme is an enzyme with bacteriocidal properties and it is found in a number of organisms.

The bacteriocidal activity associated with lysozyme is because its substrate is the
Select Option bacterial ribosome proteinbacterial phospholipid bilayerbacterial cell wall peptidoglycanbacterial plasmid
and the enzyme
Select Option hydrolyzes the peptide bond of the ribosome proteinremoves the phosphate group from the phospholipidhydrolyzes the bond that links two sugars in the peptidoglycanbreaks the phosphodiester bond of DNA
. Based on the chemical reaction that occurs, lysozyme is a
Select Option lyaseligaseoxidoreductasetransferasehydrolase
. In humans, this enzyme is found in tears and saliva among other places and offers some protection against
Select Option gram negative bacteriagram positive bacteria all bacteriaviruses as well as bacteria
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