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The evolution of eukaryotes was accompanied by the development of membrane-bound organelles and compartmentalization of metabolic pathways. This allowed for increased levels of regulation.

Listed below are several metabolic pathways, processes or specific enzymatic reactions.

Select ALL of the statements which do NOT correctly pair the pathway/process/enzyme with its intracellular localization in a eukaryote.

Note: If a pathway is split among more than 1 location, choose the location where the majority of the reactions take place.


Glycolysis and anaerobic fermentation are localized in the cytosol.


The TCA Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) is localized to the mitochondrial matrix.


The mitochondrial electron transport chain is localized to the outer mitochondrial membrane.


The pyruvate dehydrogenase complex is localized in the mitochondrial matrix.


In mammals, β-Oxidation of fatty acids and fatty acid biosynthesis both occur in the cytosol.


The ATP synthase complex is localized in the mitochondrial inner membrane or cristae.and ATP is produced in the mitochondrial matrix.


In mammals, the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway is localized to the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum.


Gluconeogenesis is localized to the peroxisome in plants and animals.

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