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Arginosuccinate synthase is an important enzyme in arginine biosynthesis. It catalyzes the reaction that is shown below: in the reaction mechanism, citrulline attacks the phosphate of ATP to make citrulline adenylate.

This molecule then undergoes a nucleophilic attack by the aspartate to produce the product, arginosuccinate. Reaction diagrams are ways to depict the energy and process of a chemical reaction with Gibbs free energy as the y-axis and reaction progress as the x-axis.

If the reaction diagram for this enzyme was shown, it would have which of the following properties?

$$\text{citrulline + aspartate + ATP} \xrightarrow [ ]{ } \text{arginine + AMP + pyrophosphate}$$


The reaction diagram would have one transition state and one intermediate.


The reaction diagram would have two transition states and one intermediate.


The reaction diagram would have one transition state and no intermediates.


The reaction would have one intermediate and no transition states.

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