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"Yes, that's just it." The young man nodded.
"If one's different, one's bound to be lonely. They're beastly to one. Do you know, they shut me out of absolutely everything? When the other boys were sent out to spend the night on the mountains–you know, when you have to dream which your sacred animal is–they wouldn't let me go with the others; they wouldn't tell me any of the secrets. I did it by myself, though," he added. "Didn't eat anything for five days and then went out one night alone into those mountains there." He pointed.
Patronizingly, Bernard smiled. "And did you dream of anything?" he asked.
The other nodded. "But I mustn't tell you what."
He was silent for a little; then, in a low voice, "Once," he went on, "I did something that none of the others did: I stood against a rock in the middle of the day, in summer, with my arms out, like Jesus on the Cross."
"What on earth for?"
"I wanted to know what it was like being crucified. Hanging there in the sun …"

What statements most convincingly depict the inferred meaning of the following passage? Choose all that apply.


John considers himself to be of a higher status than the other boys. He does not feel like they are worthy of his company and goes off on his own to dream about his sacred animal.


John can be seen as a Christlike figure because of the sacrifices he makes for the good of the Reservation. Rather than fighting with the boys when they treat him poorly, he takes it in stride and feels no contempt for them.


John's status as an outcast in society is evident when the boys shun him; however, like Jesus, John embraces being alone with nature, choosing to sacrifice his happiness for the good of others rather than attempting to force his company on them.


John's simulated crucifixion mirrors his likeness to Jesus and Jesus' sacrifices. John wants to know what it is like to be physically crucified, yet he is in a sense "mentally" crucified because of the treatment he and Linda receive on the Reservation.


John's desire to fight for what is right creates obstacles that are difficult for him to overcome on the Reservation amongst the other boys his age. Although he tries to be one one with the others, his differences are too obvious and he feels deep pain when the boys choose to ignore him and not include him in their group.

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