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What can be inferred by the following quote:

"Pope used to come often. He said the stuff in the gourd was called mescal; but Linda said it ought to be called soma…he hated Pope. He hated them all--all the men who came to see Linda. One afternoon…he came back to the house and heard angry voices in the bedroom. They were women's voices, and they said words he didn't understand; but he knew they were dreadful words."

Choose ALL that apply.


Linda uses the men for their drugs reflecting the easiness of wiping away one's' problems with the simple swallow of a pill.


Linda feels no shame in allowing the men to use her body for sex since promiscuity was always encouraged from where she came.


Linda's gluttony causes her to overindulge in all actions and things she would not normally do.


Linda doesn't understand the importance of monogamy in a relationship because of the way she grew up; however, on the Reservation, women were not willing to share their partners with everyone and took offense to the action.


Linda's understanding of savage-life is minimal and causes problems for her and John since they seem to be outcasts in a society where Linda came from and considered the people on the Reservation to be outcasts.

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