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Turning toward him, "What were you playing this afternoon...Obstacle, or Electromagnetic?" Bernard looked at her (Ford! It was Morgana Rothschild) and blushingly had to admit that he had been playing neither. Morgana stared at him with astonishment. There was an awkward silence. Then pointedly she turned away and addressed herself to the more sporting man on her left.

What can you infer about Bernard based on the above quote? Choose all that apply.


Bernard has a tendency to boast about his accomplishments; however, he tends to freeze around beautiful women.


Bernard is usually an active individual who enjoys engaging with others; he doesn't care to admit that he was unable to do so during the day.


Bernard is an alpha male and expected to participate in alpha activities but unfortunately he is not an average Alpha who enjoys in engaging in such events.


It seems that Bernard is more of an introvert than an extrovert. He would much rather be alone than participate in athletic activities with others.


Bernard's blushing response has nothing to do with feelings of desire and connection with Morgana. Instead, he is embarrassed to admit that he did not partake in any of the usual pastimes of other alpha males.

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