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What causes the change in Linda's attitude when she sees the Director?


At first Linda is pleased with herself for remembering the Director, but she quickly becomes embarrassed by the stares of the bystanders.


She is very shy in her initial approach to the Director because of the length of time that has passed since they last met; however, once the Director realizes who Linda is, she is overtaken with joyous emotion because of his reaction to seeing her.


Linda's initial reaction is one of shamelessness but quickly depreciates to mortification because of the Director's lack of recognition.


Linda approaches the Director with malice in her eyes because of his abandonment, but she quickly realizes she still loves him and embraces him.


Linda immediately feels abashed by the stares and snide comments of the people around her, but when she sees the Director and his delighted expression at her appearance, her mood is swayed to a more happy one.

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