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In chapter 10, the Director is speaking to Henry and makes a statement about "moral responsibilities" and Bernard.

What are these responsibilities he is alluding to?

Choose ALL that apply.


Based on the director's comment to Henry, moral responsibilities are those the citizens should undertake to show their allegiance to the government.


The Director makes a valid point in admitting he was wrong not to recognize John, publicly, as his son.


Although the Director is inconspicuously admitting to an illegitimate child, it is society's moral obligation to keep that knowledge classified rather than publicly known.


The Director feels that morals should be held upon the highest pedestal for the citizens; therefore, lying in order to save one's reputation should be at the top of the list.


The Director places great stress on the roles of the citizens and the importance of them always doing the right thing, telling the truth no matter the consequence.

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