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"What the two men shared was the knowledge that they were individuals."

Which two characters does the above quote describe and why is this significant?


The quote describes Bernard and Helmholtz, who have been friends for a long time. Both men recognize that they have the same moral compass, which makes them stand out as individuals in this otherwise deeply conformist society.


The quote describes Mustapha Mond and John, both of whom want to lead the citizens based on their strong, iconoclastic beliefs.


The quote describes Mustapha Mond and Helmholtz. Their different traits, likes, and dislikes make them individuals in their society. By embracing these differences these men tacitly resist the societal pressure to conform.


The quote describes Helmholtz and John, who appreciate and enjoy things that society deems unusual. Though they are treated as pariahs, they continue to pursue their own interests and dreams.


The quote describes Mustapha Mond and Bernard, whose important positions in London reinforce their individuality.

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