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"'Yes-s' repeated the Director, lingering, a serpent, on the 's'."

Huxley compares the Director to a serpent in this quotation. What can be inferred from this comparison? Choose ALL that apply.


The serpent is often thought of as helpless because he must remain so low to the ground; the Director is feeling helpless as regards the dilemma he is currently facing.


The serpent creates an air of evilness because the animals is associated with sneakiness; the Director emits an air of betrayal in his words and actions.


The serpent is conniving and always looking for a way to bring another down; like the serpent, the Director is meticulously planning the takedown of his enemy.


The serpent, as well as the Director, creates a sense of the unexpected and unknown because of the technique of drawing out the last syllable of his words.


The serpent and the Director are both humble beings who strive to achieve their goals through honest methods.

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